Logistics College

Logistics College is an interdisciplinary unit created on the basis of staff from Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics and Faculty of Organization and Management in 2010 for the purpose of courses in logistics.
Students of the College of Logistics are offered a high level of education, an increase in logistics skills with a focus on aspects of information technology and management, development of entrepreneurship as well as innovation needed in today's job market.
Students education in the field of logistics fully corresponds to the mission and the strategy adopted by the Lodz University of Technology as well as the mission of the College of Logistics, which are developed according to the needs of the national and regional economy. For Lodz and its region, due to its potential and location, logistics was accepted as one of the key areas of development. Therefore, the Lodz University of Technology  has taken on the task of educating staff prepared to work in the area of logistics and transport. The College of Logistics provides students with the relevant conditions for intellectual development in order to gain knowledge and the right skills to find an interesting job. Looking at the current trends and challenges of logistics, it was considered that the concept of connection of the issues linked with economics, management and advanced information technology is the right concept for education in the area of logistics.
The correctness of this decision is the fact that the field of study - logistics is one of the most popular fields chosen by the candidates.
The basic concept of education is based on a combination of opportunities that two faculties have: Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics and Faculty of Organization and Management. Both faculties have a high research and teaching potential, adequate staff resources and infrastructure to allow teaching with using the newest knowledge in the field of logistics, management and information technology.
The education is currently conducted in the first cycle with bachelor degree with the student's choice of one of the two specializations: Information Systems in Logistics and Logistics Management.
The program, developed in accordance with the National Frameworks Qualifications, is adapted to the needs of the economy and consulted with business representatives who are external stakeholders. In the process of modifying the program the representatives of students and staff who have a practical experience also participate as internal stakeholders.
In 2012, the  field of study in logistics was positively accredited by the State Accreditation Committee.