Commodity Science College

The College of Commodity Science is a cross-faculty organisational unit created in 2011, based on the staff of four faculties of the Lodz University of Technology: Material Technologies and Textile Design, Chemical, Biotechnology and Food Sciences, and Organisation and Management for the needs of education at the commodity science field of study. 
We offer to the students of the College of Commodity Science high level of education, increasing competencies from the range of commodity science with emphasizing the aspects of creating and introuducing to the market new products, and the ability of identification, evaluation and classification of innovative products from different branches. The studies also prepare the student to shape the quality of commodities and their brands by the ability of selecting and assessing proper parameters, which show the intended application of a given product, both in the technological, ecological, economic and safety aspects. The knowledge from this range is especially desired in a modern labour market.
Educating the students at a commodity science field of study fully refers to the mission and strategy adopted by the Lodz University of Technology. This field of study in the recent years is being described as the science of the future, which not only tries to keep up with, but also co-create the progress in all areas connected with different kinds of products and commodity economy. Due to this reason, the Lodz University of Technology have undertaken the task of educating the personnel prepared to working in the area of commodity science.
The College of Commodity Science creates proper conditions of intellectual development for students, so that they could gain knowledge and proper skills enabling them to find an interesting job. While observing the modern trends and challenges it was decided that the concept of connecting issues of engineering-technical knowledge, economy, management sciences and social knowledge is an appropriate concept for educating in the range of commodity science. The validity of such decision is confirmed by the fact that the commodity science field of study is eagerly selected by the candidates. 
The fundamental concept of education is based on combining the possibilities of four faculties: Material Technologies and Textile Design, Chemical, Biotechnology and Food Sciences, and Organisation and Management. These faculties possess high scientific and teaching potential, proper staff and infrastructure enabling to perform education with the use of the most recent knowledge in the range of commodity science. Currently, the education is performed at the level of engineering studies of the first degree with the posibility of selecting four specialisations by the student: Innovative biomedical products, Innovative textiles products, Commodity science of food, Modern chemical and pharmaceutical products.
The education programme, developed according to the national qualification framework (KRK in Polish), is adjusted to the needs of economy and consulted with the representatives of business, who are external stakeholders. The representatives of students and employees, that have broad practical experience, also take part in the process of modification of the programme, as internal stakeholders.